NobelCom Website Review & Ratings + NobelCom Coupons
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NobelCom Website Review & Ratings + NobelCom Coupons

NobelCom: Products & Services

NobelCom provides online customers with a secure way to purchase affordable, easy-to-use prepaid phone cards. Through innovative business strategies and advanced technologies, Nobel, Ltd has developed its own facilities-based carrier division. A key advantage of their TDM/VoIP network is that it allows them to offer low rates and excellent connection quality worldwide.

NobelCom: Company Background

Nobel claims to be a market leader in the global telecommunications industry. Founded in 1998 by Thomas C. Knobel, Nobel has grown rapidly. Being the first company to tackle the online prepaid phone cards market with, Nobel is now offering a variety of telecommunication services, including the online selling of prepaid virtual phone cards worldwide, physical distribution of phone cards in the US, postpaid and superior carrier services local offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Bucharest.

NobelCom: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers are generally very happy with NobelCom regarding the quality of service and the rates charged. From various reviews, observation of one of the customers is reproduced here. Widad Zein, Chicago, US Thursday, September 27, 2012

“BEST PHONE CARDS I use them for 3 years now and always to call Yemen, they have the lowest rates. Sure, there are some call drops from time to time, but the overall call quality is very good. They have good rates & lots of loyalty discounts for customers.”

Review in Epinion, “I use nobelcom when i need some minutes to call my hubby in jamaica. he's been going there often and we need to keep in touch like every day or so. their phone card is very easy to use,excellent voice quality, you dial and it rings in a second.”

NobelCom: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

NobelCom has become quite reputable both on and off the internet for its quality products and services over the years. Even if they are not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, the company is still renowned and has gotten a lot of media exposure. A number of websites have reviewed NobelCom and given very good reviews regarding quality of service and reasonableness of rates.

NobelCom: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Being an online business, NobelCom relies greatly on bringing traffic to its website to boost their sales. Upon checking its traffic statistics in Alexa, results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #139,450 globally, and #43,595 in the United States, where most of its traffic originates. Google PageRank gave NobelCom’s website 6 out of 10 (with 10 being the highest).

NobelCom: Social Media Presence

Their official website is very informative and updated. Found in the site are a list of all of their products, information about the company and all of their contact information. Their website is really simple and easy to navigate.

Aside from having an official website, NobelCom is also present in social media. In the homepage of their official website, there is tab near the bottom where you can find links to their FaceBook and Twitter accounts.

As of February 5, 2013,  NobelCom’s Twitter account has 622 followers. Their account is updated with company news and other announcements.

Their FaceBook account is just as updated, and features similar updates to their Twitter account. As of February 5, 2013, their FaceBook page has a total of 56,499 likes.

NobelCom: Website Security & Safety

They maintain security measures to protect your information from loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. They were found to be safe and secure by using the Google diagnostic tool to check the security. Their site employs SSL 128 bit encryption when private information is passed from you to us. The level of encryption you ultimately obtain is dependent upon your browser's capabilities. If you have any questions about security at theirweb site, please send an email to:

NobelCom: Pricing & Packages

NobelCom’s website does not mention about their rates. Since they are dealing with phone calls, it may depend on many factors like, type of country, distance etc. However a large number of customers have appreciated NobelCom for very good service and very reasonable price. One of the satisfied customers states in Epinion thus, “I use Nobelcom for the relation price-quality - they have some of the lowest rates for the crystal clear quality they offer. I tried several providers and I was always disconnected or heard static throughout the call. But not with Nobelcom”.

NobelCom: Shipping Rates & Policies

NobleCom deals with providing telephone call services. They do not supply any physical product requiring shipping and dispatch. Therefore shipping and shipping policies do not apply to them at all. All their transactions are online. All communications also take place through phone or through internet. There is no movement of material.

NobelCom: Payment Methods Accepted

Their payment is online. Their website shows they accept various widely popular credit cards like American Express, Discover, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Diner’s Club, Paypal etc. Their website shows Verisign Trusted security Logo. Their website does not mention anything about acceptability of alternative payment methods like Debit Card, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass, etc.

NobelCom: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

NobelCom does not mention anything regarding return/refund policy. This is because they do not deal with sale of any physical products. They are only selling phone cards on line for making phone calls. Further from the feedback received from customers, it has been found that generally customers are happy with the services provided and rates charged by NobelCom.

NobelCom: Product images & screenshots
NobelCom Coupons
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